Get our simple 8-step Digital Marketing Plan  Framework to Grow your Product or Service Business...

...WITHOUT having to include all the latest trends, complex new tools, or overwhelm...

So you can master your digital marketing strategy, attract consistent clients, and grow.

In this free training, we share our 8-step marketing framework for product and service businesses, so you can attract more consistent clients and grow.

ATTENTION: Small Business Owners, Marketing Experts

Does Your Product Or Service Business Need A Digital Marketing Plan?

Who is this webinar for?

-Business owners who are looking to generate more leads by implementing a proven system for business growth.

-Key individuals from businesses that would like to implement a digital marketing strategy.

-Overwhelmed marketers who need some support to create a marketing plan.

-Business owners or entrepreneurs that want to understand how to apply the best digital marketing strategies.

Who is iVEN Digital?

A digital marketing agency whose mission is helping business owners thrive with their businesses in this digital era, by advising how to invest their funding effectively, running more effective strategies that generate quality leads and sales to them.

At iVEN Digital, our  specialty  is  creating  ROI-driven  marketing  campaigns.  We  do  this  through  Digital Strategy, Advertising and a keen focus on the Data & Analytics of these campaigns. Our team is Certified and Qualified to implement a range of Digital Marketing Services such as SEO, Website Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Re-targeting, Content Generation and Optimization and Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies.

Our works spans from customer acquisition, increasing the customer lifetime value, mapping  and optimizing the customer journey, improving user onboarding experience, data and analytics tracking as well as improving retention.

We have worked with numerous industries, including eCommerce, Apps, Health, Manufacturing, Consulting, Legal amongst others.

Our Clients

PPC, Video Animation, Email Marketing, Social Media 

A 90-Day Game-plan was executed that improved Brand Awareness By 83%.

An online forum for issues

Email Marketing, Paid Advertising.

A customer acquisition strategy executed for a client that led to a 500% increase in revenue in 6months.

An E-commerce company

Content Marketing & Optimization

 Best recommendation to any company interested in increasing the ROI on their marketing budget.
They have consistently surpassed our expectations and have been instrumental not only in our success but the success of our clients.

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First, we conduct a needs analysis session to listen to your clients requirements.

We define the right game-plan to implement and determine the resources needed to execute.


We become your marketing department and go to working for you to deliver a successful customer outcome on a maximum of 2 projects at NO COST to you. 


Thirdly, we mine data from client's marketing activity, evaluate the results and optimize the successful customer outcomes - factors that engineer agency growth.

We Work Best With,

Business Owners With Heavy Workloads

Business Owners looking to outsource their marketing department to an agency at a fraction of the cost or no cost at all. 

Marketing Managers and Experts

Are you looking to learn and train with an agency that is passionate about driving business growth, will work twice as hard and will do it with a certified and qualified team?

What You Get,

Strategize with The Valuable Data and Analytics

Analyze your traffic information to plan your marketing strategies -to get greater insights into customer preferences and influence their buying patterns.

Content Performance and Lead Generation

Your content has to be right for meeting specific commercial goals. With a solid lead nurturing strategy, you can build better awareness and affinity for your brand.

Ensure Online Business Survival

By implementing smart tactics, like blogging and social media, you can communicate with the target audience. It will help you gain valuable feedback and insights.

Improve Your Outreach

Be engaging and swift in response to relevant feedbacks and queries. Learn how to interact with your customers and prospects quite easily.

Know All About Your Competitors

Look into your competitor’s online strategies to capitalize on any possible opportunities. See what they are doing to gain an upper hand and reach more consumers. 

Higher ROI from Your Campaigns

With smarter branding and better revenues, fetch a better ROI , effectively track, monitor, and analyze your results to take necessary measures as soon as possible.

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