Develop A Personal Relationship With Leads and Clients To Encourage Increased Frequency Of Sales In Your Business

We create email marketing campaigns that indoctrinates a new customer or potential clients into your pool and we develop the right content that nurtures them and shows them a business benefit throughout the lifecycle of the customer.

Now, you can stop worrying about how to consistently keep your company in your clients thoughts. We will also take care of your regular broadcast, develop the content necessary and also look at the analytics of each outcome.

Email Marketing is still probably the most cost-effective methods for reaching a good audience and marketing your company to potential clients.

It provides an effective connection with the audience you are targeting and gives you great ROI.

How Our Team Can Help

One of the main reasons businesses build email lists is to increase their revenue. If your readers aren’t taking any action from your emails, then you need to improve on your activities to boost your email marketing and conversion rates.

The Email Marketing Evaluation Process

Open Rates

Your open rate is probably one of the top metrics you measure. This simply tells you the number of times your emails have been opened.

Click Through Rates

This shows you the number of subscribers that not only opened your email, but also interacted with it by clicking on links to visit your website or view more about your products.

Bounce Rates

If your open rate is not as high as you expected, don't panic.<br /> But, if you notice that the number is always the same, then you might have a lot of bad email addresses in your list of subscribers, but if it varies, then it’s probably normal.

Unsubscribed Rate

Just like you pay attention to your open rates to see which subject lines are most effective and your click rates to see what campaigns lead to the most visitors to your website, you need to pay attention to your unsubscribe rate per email.

Action Rate Over Time

Be sure to study what time of the day your subscribers take action on emails sent to them. Once you notice a trend - may be increased activity at a specific time, send mails at that time on the next campaign.
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