We Want to Improve The Growth Of Your Agency And Double Your Business Without Hiring A Single Person.

Let's help you save time and be the great agency offering real tangible value to yourself and your clients. 

ATTENTION: Agency Founders, CEOs and MDs,

Let's Help You Serve Your Clients And Scale Your Agency

Anyone who runs a large digital agency will tell you how hard it is. This is where qualities like passion, tenacity and resilience are vital because when the going gets tough, it gets really, really tough.

As an agency founder, one of the most difficult challenges agencies face is how to grow their agency as well as deliver tangible and valuable services to their clients.

As a big brand yourself, you are always saddled with work not worth your time, heavy overhead costs, and staff overload.

You can't turn down business because you need the revenue to ensure business growth. You've also got a name to keep and a business to stay relevant in the marketplace. But how do you achieve the most important factors that 

More brand visibility, more clients and increase growth is the ultimate focus.

How can you cope, while giving quality to your clients?

Our Business Growth Team can help you with that.

Yes we are not the regular digital marketing agency... but, we will match your passion and enthusiasm and work twice as hard to come up with the best ideas for marketing projects

By trusting us with projects of some of your clients, you now have time to improve your agency's growth and business performance and overcome obstacles that hindered the ability of the agency to scale.


At iVEN Digital, our  specialty  is  creating  ROI-driven  marketing  campaigns.  We  do  this  through  Digital Strategy, Advertising and a keen focus on the Data & Analytics of these campaigns. Our team is Certified and Qualified to implement a range of Digital Marketing Services such as SEO, Website Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Re-targeting, Content Generation and Optimization and Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies.

Our works spans from customer acquisition, increasing the customer lifetime value, mapping  and optimizing the customer journey, improving user onboarding experience, data and analytics tracking as well as improving retention.

Our Clients

PPC, Video Animation, Email Marketing, Social Media 

A 90-Day Game-plan was executed that improved Brand Awareness By 83%.

An online forum for issues

Email Marketing, Paid Advertising.

A customer acquisition strategy executed for a client that led to a 500% increase in revenue in 6months.

An E-commerce company

Content Marketing & Optimization

 Best recommendation to any company interested in increasing the ROI on their marketing budget.
They have consistently surpassed our expectations and have been instrumental not only in our success but the success of our clients.

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First, we conduct a needs analysis session to listen to your clients requirements.

We define the right game-plan to implement and determine the resources needed to execute.


We become your marketing department and go to working for you to deliver a successful customer outcome on a maximum of 2 projects at NO COST to you. 


Thirdly, we mine data from client's marketing activity, evaluate the results and optimize the successful customer outcomes - factors that engineer agency growth.

We Work Best With,

Agencies With Heavy Workloads

Big agencies looking to outsource their marketing department to an agency at a fraction of the cost or no cost at all. 

Large Agencies

Big agencies looking to partner with an agency that is passionate about driving business growth, will work twice as hard and will do it with a certified and qualified team.

What You Get,

Search engine optimisation

We optimize all your online content so that it's easily discoverable by search engines and your potential clients.

content marketing and optimization

We ensure your content is well crafted and targeted at the ideal clients of your customers and optimize results to appeal to a wider audience and remain top of mind.

pay per click (PPC)/Paid Advertising

We drive significant traffic to your website by using targeted ads and optimize your campaigns, so you can achieve significant return on investment (ROI).

social media marketing

We set up a Multi-Channel Approach to promote your clients brand to their customers on strategic social platforms. All platforms behave and converse differently. We work to optimize with those behaviors in mind.

Email Marketing

We map out clear touch points that your clients will have conversations with their customers at different stages of the customer journey.

Integrated Online Marketing Strategies

We will map out and create a customer value journey to improve client acquisition and retention with all the tools and content pieces needed at every touchpoint.

The Best Part?

We get to do any of the above for your clients for FREE

Give us an assignment to test our abilities at no extra cost to your pockets. You heard that right.

You are wondering... what's the catch?

Honestly, there is no catch...

Aside from the fact that what we are confident that what we do will make a difference in your business, we're willing to work on a maximum of 2 projects and do it for FREE for 30 days.

Think of it this way...

We're offering to take on your clients work - a maximum of 2 projects at our expense (not yours)

Value worth well over $7,999.

That's right. You get it for FREE for 30days.

No hidden contract whatsoever. You give us a try, if we are a best fit, then we can move forward with our bid of retention.

Let's help your clients transform their business, while you focus on more brand visibility, seek out more strategic partnerships and increase growth in your agency.

Let us become your digital marketing agency in a different location for FREE!

iVEN Digital

Plot A4 Justice Coker Estate,

CBD Alausa, Ikeja. Lagos.