Finding the right digital marketing agency for you isn’t easy.

There are so many factors to consider, like whether the agency can actually deliver on their promises or if they’ll suck up your cash every month with no result and nil return on investment. 

Then, if you are able to scale it down to a few agencies to try out, the next thing you may want to consider is “what’s a reasonable price for a good agency?, or if you even need one in the first place or I can get trained on how to achieve the result I want?” As if all these aren’t enough factors to consider, you also want to make sure that they have a strategy to which they can track and also give measurable results from one single marketing activity. 

Your thoughts are in the right place.  Everyone wants value for their money.


If the Agency responds yes to all of these, then you are in SAFE hands. 


A simple truth is, a result-oriented agency can help you get great returns on your marketing budget on a much smaller fraction of the cost you would have to spend to get an in-house team. Also make sure that your agency understands how to calculate returns on investment ROI. If they don’t, that should be an immediate deal-breaker. But before you can run your own marketing campaigns or even hand over your strategy and to an agency, you and your team must know what metrics to evaluate and analyse and also have a good knowledge of the following: 
  • A clear picture of the behavior of your ideal clients, where they hang out, what they are currently searching for, who is currently providing them with a solution and what gaps you can fill.
  • Content Marketing – keeps you top of mind for them and lets them know that you are aware of the problems they are facing and a better way to solve those problems.
  • Social media – is where your target audience hangs out and sharing content there will educate and engage them as not just followers but as friends. 
  • Search engines optimization – This is highly needed to optimize any content you publish, so you are immediately featured when someone is searching for a similar information 
  • Advertising – This gets you a constant influx of leads. You need to have a bold advertising budget to drive a lot of quality traffic to your website or offer pages. 
  • Email marketing – to nurture leads, and follow up with clients so they consistently get the solutions they are looking for 
  •  The benefits of a strong online presence which includes:

– creating awareness and engaging with your target audience before, during and after the sale. 

– converting new clients into raving brand ambassadors who buy more and refer

– kick-starting word of mouth and social sharing – just simply being relevant by providing valuable information that solves problems. 

– how to shorten the clients journey by presenting preferential offers at the right time.

Now that we have set a criteria and have a clear picture of which metrics to track and KPIs to use for measuring  ROI of a few different marketing strategies, let’s dig into a few case studies.

Eat Right Case Study


Industry: Food/Health
Goal: Lead Generation
Location: Nigeria
The Problem:
A new and upcoming brand in the food industry launched a new product in the marketplace.
This product was to be sold through distributors and not direct-to-consumer.
The client wanted to attract new distributors for the product all over the country.
The Client had created ONE major asset – a video ad showcasing the possibilities of being a distributor and the health benefits of the product
 img 1
Platforms used: Facebook & Instagram
What we did:
We carried out an ideal client research to determine the right audience to target.
Then we put the Video Ad the client had and ran ads to it. The video had a clear call to action for would be distributors to fill an application form that would be reviewed and approved by the company.
We wanted to keep the ad solely within Facebook and so, we created a Facebook Lead Form that would enable applications to be submitted right in Facebook.
We generated over 1,500 distributor applications over a period of 6 months.
Insert Image 2
And as an added bonus, we had over 100,000 people watch the video across both channels and generated a huge amount of awareness and engagement for the product in the marketplace.
Insert Image 3 & 4
Legalpedia Case Study
Location: Nigeria
Industry: Legal Software
Goal: Lead Generation & Boost Sales
The Problem:
Legalpedia wanted a way to capture the contact details of Lawyers who would be potential customers for their software.
Assets: Lead Magnet
Legalpedia had a great Lead Magnet that was considered very valuable to their target audience: Lawyers.
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google (Search)
What We Did:
We created a simple yet effective lead capture page that told visitors exactly what they were getting and obviously let them know what to do next.
Insert Image 8
Then, we did some audience and keyword research for Facebook and Google respectively to help determine exactly where and to who our Ads should show up.
We also offered an initial introductory price for lawyers who wanted to test the software.
Over 1,000 leads generated in 14 days at $0.10 per lead.
Image 9
FinTech Educational Case Study
Location: Nigeria
Industry: Fintech/Educational
Goal: To promote awareness for an event by driving event website visits.
The Problem:
The Company has an event coming in 6 weeks and had not garnered enough awareness about the event.
They wanted to create an online buzz for the event to generate interest and enquiries about the attendance.
Assets: Event Website, Past Event Videos
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
What We Did:
We created a few assets to help with this awareness campaign.
  1. Speaker images: we highlighted each speaker on different images and used
  2. Created campaigns to generate website visits and awareness of the event among the target audience.
  3. Cover the event on key social media channels to generate buzz and awareness
Generated over 4,500 visits to the event website at $0.02/visit
Image 10 & 11
We also covered the event and were able to showcase the event on a huge scale and it was one of the top trending topics on twitter during the period of the event.
EatRight Case Study.
Industry: Food/Health
Goal: Brand Visibility
Location: Nigeria
The Problem:
A new and upcoming brand in the food industry launched a new product in the marketplace.
The client wanted to create awareness for a new product in the market.
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram & YouTube
What We Did
We worked with the client to create a 15-second video that highlighted the key health benefits of the product and where people could get it.
Then we ran non-skippable video ads on Facebook & YouTube to generate awareness.
We also later included the video to run on Instagram as well.
We ran this campaign for about 6 months and got it in front of over 500,000 people across Facebook & Youtube
The video had about 1.5 million views with each view costing about $0.002
Insert Image 5 & 6
We also had a 87% watch rate meaning that 87% of people who saw the video watched it to the end.
Insert Image 7

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