15 of the Best Email Marketing Services for Skincare Brands in 2023.

Email marketing is an essential part of most e-commerce businesses, whether you sell makeup, skincare, or any other product. 

Email marketing serves as a great way to increase your sales and brand awareness. 

Here are 15 of the best email marketing services for skincare brands.


Omnisend is a leading email marketing platform that has been helping brands send emails to their customers since 2014. 

It offers a range of features, including the ability to create email templates and add-ons like subscriber lists, send personalized messages, and more.

Omnisend has an extensive library of templates that can be used for any type of business or industry. The templates are completely customizable so you can design an email campaign that matches your brand’s style and looks great on all devices.

Omnisend also offers several integrations with third-party apps and services, which allow you to link your emails with social media and other online accounts. This makes it easier for users to sign up for your emails and stay engaged with your brand through multiple channels at once.


MailChimp is another popular email marketing service that offers lots of customization options and integrations with other platforms. 

It also provides tools for tracking performance metrics like open rates, click rates, bounce rates, response rates, and more, so you can see the impact of your campaign in real time.


Sendinblue allows you to easily engage with your customers and build relationships with them. 

They also provide a variety of features to help you create an effective email marketing strategy, such as:

  • Personalized emails based on customer data
  • Optimized templates for different industries and audiences
  • A variety of analytics reports to help you optimize your campaign and analyze results.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a top email marketing service provider for skincare brands. 

With Constant Contact, you can:

  • manage your email marketing campaigns, 
  • set up automatic emails, 
  • create landing pages to increase conversions, and 
  • connect with customers through social media. 


ActiveCampaign is a popular email marketing solution that integrates with all the major marketing tools. It integrates with everything from Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce, to Shopify and Slack. 

The platform allows for full control over the entire email campaign, including its design and layout. 


This is another popular email service that allows brands to create their own branded emails without having to deal with complicated coding. 

Users can choose from hundreds of templates or create their own as well. 

The company also has a mobile app that lets users send automated emails right from their phones.


HubSpot is an email marketing platform that makes it easy for businesses to grow their mailing lists, drive traffic to their websites, and convert visitors into leads.

HubSpot’s Email Marketing Suite comes with all the tools you need to manage your campaigns across multiple platforms (email, social media, display ads). 

It also provides a suite of analytics tools so you can see how your campaigns are performing — including the ability to segment by demographic information like age, gender, and location.


ConvertKit is a powerful email marketing tool that helps you engage with your leads, increase engagement rates, and drive sales for your business.

You can use the tool to create landing pages and nurture leads through advanced segmentation, personalization, and automation.

Shopify Email

Shopify’s email marketing platform is designed to help you build relationships with your customers, sell more products and grow your business.

You can set up personalized emails with the help of a simple design interface that lets you add images, text, and other elements.

The service also allows you to segment your list so you can send emails to different types of customers who want different things.


Privy is a fully-integrated marketing platform that helps brands grow their business. It is an email marketing tool that allows you to create highly targeted campaigns and track the results of your efforts. 

Privy offers an easy way to design, send, and manage emails with its powerful drag-and-drop editor.

Privy also has a wide range of features that help you build your email lists, from lead generation to social media marketing.


Drip – is a powerful e-commerce solution that helps you manage your operations efficiently. 

The platform comes with a host of features such as email marketing, order management, product catalogs, order fulfillment, shipment tracking, customer support, and more. 

It also has an API that allows you to integrate it with other services such as Stripe or PayPal so that you can accept payments from anywhere in the world without any hassle.


SmartrMail is an email marketing service that offers a wide range of features and integrations with other third-party tools.

It’s a great choice for brands who want to increase their email list. And also build relationships with their customers, and stay on top of their marketing strategy.

CM Commerce

CM Commerce is one of the best email marketing services out there, with a number of features that can help you maximize your brand’s reach and ROI. 

The platform allows you to:

  • create highly-targeted campaigns, 
  • track the performance of your campaigns, and 
  • even set up autoresponders so that you can respond directly to customers who have interacted with your company through social media or other channels.


Sendlane is a SaaS email marketing platform that helps brands send more emails in less time. 

Sendlane’s automated emailing technology can help you optimize your email campaigns and send high-quality, personalized emails to your customers.


GetResponse is one of the most popular email marketing software solutions on the market today. 

Their user-friendly interface and affordable pricing options make it easy to create powerful, personalized emails. And, it’s for every kind of customer at every stage of the sales funnel.


Email marketing is frequently overlooked by online marketers. Yet, it remains a tried and effective technique of communicating with customers and encouraging them to return to your site. 

We’ve covered 15 of the top email marketing services that can be used in this article. Now, you can easily choose which service will work best for you.

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